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Policy on the Appointment of Directors (Principle 2.2)


The Board may consider the following factors when recommending / nominating a person for appointment to the Board:

  1. The candidate’s ability to devote sufficient time to effectively discharge the director’s duties to the Company.

This includes attendance of at least 50% of all board of directors and board committee meetings, or as determined from time to time by the board.. Directors are expected to devote their time to other matters if involving company affairs.

  1. The extent to which existing directorships and other commitments that may demand the attention of the candidate.
  1. The impact of the existing provisions, directorships or other relationships that may have on the candidate’s ability to exercise an independent judgment; and
  1. The candidate’s potential to deliver value to the company, work constructively with the existing directors, and contribute to the overall effectiveness of the board. 

Last updated : 19 Mar 2019

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