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CCM Pharmaceuticals is principally engaged in the manufacturing, distribution, import and export of pharmaceutical products and medicines. It operates within three units as follows:-

  • Upha Pharmaceutical Manufacturing (M) Sdn Bhd - Manufacturing Unit
  • CCM Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd - Sales and Marketing Unit
  • Cephalosporin manufacturing facility in Glenmarie

CCM Pharmaceuticals has more than 30 years of history and has been cited as a Tier 1 manufacturer by Frost and Sullivan for its quality products and has garnered numerous awards and recognitions both locally and regionally.

It is the largest local producer of generic drugs with nearly 200 products across a wide therapeutic group including analgesics, antibacterial, antihistamines and many others. Its medications for gastrointestinal and cardiovascular conditions - Omesec and Vascor respectively are blockbusters in both the local and export markets. Both these products had also undergone Bioequivalent (BE) studies successfully which affirmed that they are of the same chemical profile as their innovators. Omesec was awarded the MITI Industry Excellence Award - Innovative Product in 2004.

CCM Pharmaceuticals also produces over-the-counter (OTC) products with about 200 items under established brands such as Champs, Flavettes, Provition, Naturalle, Uphamol, Eye Glo, Sloan's, O-Fresh and Alucid. Champs have been voted annually as the consumers' choice for children's vitamins, not only by the Malaysian consumers but also Hong Kong's. Proviton, the brand for one-a-day multivitamins with Panax Ginseng IDB extract, won the MITI Industry Excellence Award - Pioneer in Research of Excellent Product Quality in 1999.

Apart from being a contract manufacturer for multinational pharmaceuticals companies, CCM Pharmaceuticals also exports its own products throughout ASEAN, Asia Pacific and other parts of the world.

CCM Pharmaceuticals has the Malaysian Ministry of Health's certification as a manufacturer meeting the Good Manufacturing Practice ("GMP") guidelines of the Pharmaceuticals Inspection Convention and Coorperation Scheme ("PIC/S") and the requirements of World Health Organisation (WHO) PIC/S that is widely recognised in Europe.

CCM Pharmaceuticals has also received 2 other certifications for its products and manufacturing facilities:

  • Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) certification from the Australian Ministry of Health which affirms our compliance with the Australian Code of Good Manufacturing Practice for Medicinal Products, thus allowing its products to be sold in Australia.
  • Halal Certification by JAKIM (Islamic Development Department of Malaysia), a department under the Malaysian Prime Minister, for its Over-The-Counter (OTC) vitamins and health supplements under the brands Champs, Flavettes, Naturalle and Proviton.

These certifications ensure that CCM Pharmaceutical'sproducts are produced consistently to the highest standards of quality, safety, efficacy and hygiene.

Furthermore, CCM Pharmaceuticals believes that the Halal certification does not only benefit Muslim consumers but also to everyone as it focuses on the stringent safety and hygiene aspects of our products so that they are fit for consumption and use. JAKIM's Halal certification is recognised internationally and is highly regarded by Muslim countries all over the world.

Our facilities cater to high speed and large-scale manufacturing of a wide variety of pharmaceuticals products. These include sophisticated encapsulating and tabletting machines, blister pack machines, sachet packing machine, high-speed liquid fillers, blender and fluidised bed mixer/granulator/driers.

We work closely with Innovax Sdn Bhd in R&D activities to further affirm our commitment towards providing consistent and high standards of products at all times for both existing and new innovations.

Last updated : 09 Dec 2017

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